Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blank spot in yard turned into rock sculpture and rock garden!

Before pic

Lay down your weed-block and begin :)

After pics

One of my friends calls my creation "Very Zen". I'm not sure...

Garden Path!

Slate used for path: Goldrush
Purchased: Lowe's Hardware and Garden
Price: anywhere from $3-$9 for 21" pieces.
Extras: Creeping mint smells nice and is a lovely, compact ground-cover that grows between the stones. Mounds of Scottish moss flank the sides of the path.

Before pics

After pics

From Craptastic Plastic to Fantastic Tile and Mastic!

I had been wanting to take this old, stained outdoor table to the dump but I had a better idea!

Transformation of an old wooden table

I purchased this scratched up wooden table at an estate sale for $5.00. I tiled the top with shiny, fun glass tile.

Transformation of a seat Cushion

The price of brand-new foam at craft stores like JoAnn Fabrics is actually quite expensive. I headed to Goodwill and was able to find this cushion for $1. I transformed it into a fun kitchen seat cushion using fabric from my "fabric scrap box". I had never made a cushion with piping before. Piping adds a nice little touch and isn't difficult to do. Please see the evolution below. Always wash anything you buy from a thrift store thoroughly, with hot water before modifying it.