Thursday, November 17, 2011

Create a little vegetable garden spot

First step: Find a space in your yard that gets full-sun. While soil is important, adequate sun exposure is absolutely necessary for gardening; most vegetables WILL NOT grow without sun.

Second Step: Dig out plants/shrubs that are in the way of your garden nook. You need as much space as possible for the veggies without intrusive shrubs hindering their growth or deflecting sun-light. For this project, I had to dig out a large shrub.

Third Step: Create a little path to your garden that serves as a border as well.

Before pictures

After Pictures

Garden area is to the right of the path, beside house.


  1. You have done that quite well. The stone path is most lovely. Light does make a difference, does it not?

  2. Hello Suva !

    I like your stone job. I think you are a good garden designer.

    If you need a helper to fix those stones in your garden . I can help you next time.
    I am a contractor.